A Feminine Renaissance

A Feminine Renaissance is a movement which stands to support all inroads to female progress, financial empowerment and social equality.

A Renaissance will work to see women take the helm and keep it. Women will run for and win political posts in all levels of government office and lead major corporations in equal or greater numbers as men.

We will erase the limiting assumption that we must have all of the answers or understand all of the steps in order to endeavor to make the change that is essential to our progress; for we now accept that our power is in our voices, our pocketbooks, our political capital and in our own hands.

We will now commit to taking ownership of where we spend our capital. We will seek to support organizations that show a significant number of women in leadership positions, promote healthy body images and support educational programs specific to women. If these criteria are not met, our dollars will flow to those organizations that do represent our values and promote our longevity ,equality and happiness. They must show us that they value us or they will not earn our support or our commerce.

We must require equal partnership within our own households to ensure that our careers are supported through any life event, including child rearing. We must believe and act as if our work is just as important as our partner’s, for it is through work where we gain economic power, personal self-worth and generate viable contributions to our society.

The renaissance will support all women in any of their life choices. Whether they marry or stay single, whether they raise children or endeavor to continuously raise themselves, whether they live alone or with others, we will not look down upon or judge our sister’s life choices but will instead support her in all of the productive and healthy decisions that she has the right to make for herself.

We must raise our hands and our voices and use them to protect our rights, our bodies and our potential.

If these are beliefs that you can stand behind, please sign this petition to support the Feminine Renaissance today!